Currently have had this song on repeat. For a band who’s lyrics are often difficult to decipher, the line “I’m absorbed in your thinking” stands out to me. Absolutely gorgeous.

lovely, lovely Reiki

This post appears in my personal blog however I wanted to share it amongst my Reiki friends – for obvious reasons.

I have the worst pains in my belly today.  Let’s just say that I haven’t caught up on my bathroom reading material in a couple days and now I’m paying for it.  I gulped down a cup of organic senna tea and am now waiting for the effects to kick back.  Lucky for me, I have some soothing energy at my fingertips.  I love giving Reiki self-treatment because there is just something so relaxing and blissful about feeling this universal energy flowing through my body.  Soon after I placed my hands over my root chakra, I could feel the energy pulsing and the uncomfortable pain which I had been feeling before soon begun to dissipate.  Sometimes I ‘forget’ about the energy which is available at the tips of my fingers.  Tonight is such a great reminder!

Don’t let yourself get caught up in the ‘bizzy-ness’ of life.  Take a moment for yourself, place your hands in a position over your abdomen (or anywhere comfortable!) and let the energy flow!

busy days!

I’ve been blessed with a busy Reiki schedule these past few weeks.  I walk slowly each Sunday morning to True Health Studio, listening to soothing music and performing self-Reiki in preparation for my day.  When I arrive, it is easy to get into the mellow routine of treatments and I’ve found that my intuition has really developed recently.  A good sign that I am becoming increasingly aware of our universal energy!

Our cat, Moses, recently developed crystals in his urinary tract.  The first vet suggested a costly $1600 surgery (before performing tests) while the second vet offered a grim outlook.  I had been away for the weekend but upon my arrival home, I dropped to my knees and gave Moses a quick treatment.  He layed on the floor, tubby belly up, and soaked in the energy.  Later that evening, I gave him another treatment and shortly afterwards, I heard that familiar scratch-scratch in the litter box.  FINALLY he was able to pee! It is my belief that the Reiki not only relieved the pain he was in, but was also able to help with the physical blockages in his urinary tract that he was experiencing.  I’ve been treating him daily now, only if for short periods, to ensure that this passes.  Reiki and animals.  I love it.


Please stay tuned as I’m developing a series of Reiki treatments, a package per say, for Mums-to-be! It will include a customized schedule with home visits and many options, pre and post, natal to help alleviate some of the emotional and physical stresses the body may experience while pregnant. It not only provides comfort for the Mum, but Reiki can also benefit your little one.  

Check back soon for updates!

I love the internet.  I love what you find on the internet when you’re lazily googling things.  

I came across a post written by a woman called Chandra in response to a news article titled US Catholic bishops warn of Reiki therapy dangers.  Instead of writing my own version of Chandra’s response, please have a read through her’s.  She does an excellent job of not only defending Reiki but also highlighting the numerous benefits of Reiki without bashing the Catholic religion.  Absolutely well written and fantastic.


reiki & pregnancy

An interesting article regarding Reiki use before, during and after pregnancy can be found here.  One study reports the following results:

“During pregnancy, tests conducted at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut shows that Reiki used during pregnancy reduced anxiety by 94 percent, nausea by 80 percent, pain by 78 percent and improved sleep by 86 percent.” [Reference: http://www.magma.ca/~peterz/parenting%5D

What is especially exciting is that Reiki is very useful post-partum:

“…As far as post-partum treatment, Reiki is shown to reduce the emotional rollercoaster of adjusting to a new baby. Hand positions and chakra concentrations are great for stress reduction and anxiety reduction.”

Let’s work on a Reiki schedule together which suits your birth plan!

april update

Hallo everyone! 

Just updating everyone with some great news.  I’ve recently adjusted my prices to make Reiki available to a larger audience.  The initial consultation fee has been reduced to $50.00 (consultation + treatment) while all following appointments are priced at $40.00 (~50-55 minute appointment).  At True Health Studio, a large number of the patients are covered under a medical insurance plan.  There has been a lot of interest in the Reiki services however since Reiki is not covered under an insurance plan (yet!), I wanted to change my prices to make it affordable for everyone.  Additionally, if you’re interested in a treatment but are still having difficulty coming up with the fees, please notify me directly and we can work something out.

I hope to see you all soon!